Nurse’s Notes: Some Nursing Hacks I Love

Posted: July 7, 2017 in Nurse
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Nursing Hacks, Nurse, Travel NurseIn my three years of nursing practice, I have found some helpful nursing hacks. They were those taught my by seniors, and some I found myself accidentally. These nursing hacks helped me get through each procedure, basic or complicated.

Here are the following nursing hacks that might help you as well.

Warm Patient’s Vein

To start an IV line to a difficult patient, it is best to warm up the site. Use a clean washcloth or towel or you can rub your palms gently and put them on the site. Both methods make the veins dilate and pop.

Use Triple Glove

I was assigned in a messy and bloody department called the Emergency Department, which requires me to be spontaneous and to make use of time accordingly. I have no time to reglove. What I do is to put two or three gloves before attending to patients. It saves me time, and of course, ‘angelic’ glares from my colleagues.

Wear Double Mask

Nurses face all kinds of smells per shift. I could be feces, urine, vomitus, sweat, blood or even a patient’s breath. To avoid excessive entry to my sense of smell organ, I do double mask. Two masks also prevents easy absorption of excrements when it will accidentally spilled or splatter on your face.

Use Alcohol Swab Wisely

Thank God to whoever got the idea of inventing alcohol swabs! I used them to clean tips of my stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope, and penlight. But most importantly, I grab one or two to remove pen stains on my fingers.

Hydrogen Peroxide as Cleaning Agent

As a travel nurse, I pretty had a lot to share of blood spills and splatter. They go to my uniform from time to time, and if I am the luckiest staff of the shift I got stained 30 minutes after the shift starts. To maintain the cleanliness of my uniform, I take a 2×2 gauze, soak it with hydrogen peroxide, and wipe it on the blood stain. You won’t see a tinge of blood on your uniform afterwards.

Keep Pocket Sanitizers

Because of the continuous work I have, I got little time to visit the wash area or go to the nearest field where bottles of sanitizers are. To follow the hand hygiene policy of the institution, I keep an alcohol- based pocket sanitizer. I can rub my hands with it while I’m walking towards another patient.

Give Significant Others a Job

Patients are always with one or two significant others (SO) or relatives. One of them may eat your brain. So to avoid having so, ask them to make errands, like arranging the room to transfer in the information department; or let them go to the pharmacy to get the needed medicines. Giving SOs a task minimize crowding, and allows you to perform your tasks without interference.

Making the Room Smell Nice and Clean

Because of different smell in Emergency Department, it is handy to have a bottle of air freshener. But this is not enough. I asked for a fragrant floor disinfectant in the utility room, and put it on a wash cloth. I placed the washcloth in a disposable glass, and put it beside the air condition.

There’s a lot more nursing hacks to share, so I will let you put them in the comments section. Ciao!

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