Nurse’s Notes: My Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: July 28, 2017 in Nurse
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My colleague hit me with a photo from her cousin, a secondary school senior. The photo laid a series of frequently asked questions for an employed nurse.

She asked me to give my answers also, so I did.

What is your worst experience when attending with patients?
I was half way through giving IV medicines to a male patient when he grabbed my attention and say, ‘Look at my bottom. Can you massage it?’.

He was referring to his erect genitals. As a professional, I told him what he wanted me to do was beyond my job as his nurse, and he should respect the person giving care to him. He look ashamed and I reported the incident to my superior.

What are your thoughts about impolite patients?

Impolite patients are the worst to deal with that you wish to give them potassium chloride directly to their veins.

Yet as nurses, we have to go beyond what the patient is going through. There are impolite patients who needed immediate care such as those who have severe pain. But there are some patients who just need attention. You just have to assess carefully which patient you will cater first.

What are you inspirations to continue your profession as a nurse?

I see myself as a nurse because I believe it’s God will. He made me his helping hand in alleviating sufferings from the sick. He gave me hands to render the utmost quality health care. That’s my primary inspiration.

Second inspiration for me to continue as a nurse is the chance to hone my skills and knowledge in dealing with many different types of people. You discover and experience what it is to care for people in each place you work. It’s the core of transcultural nursing that inspires me, thereof.

And most importantly, seeing a smile on someone, who have been sick or in pain or have lost conciousness for a minute, is a simple showcase of inspiration.

What is your message to those who want to be a nurse?

Are you willing to immerse yourself to the complicated weird world of nursing? Do you wish to sleep just two or three hours a day? Would you dare to join the ever changing shift of schedule? Do you want to swallow and spit blood, vomitous, urine, and other excrements? Are you not afraid of blood? Are you willing to sacrifice your time? If you positively answered on my questions, then you have to join us. Yet if are in doubt, you have to take your time. Think very hard if nursing is your path to go through. Until your answer, God bless you.


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