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My aunt and I had a brief conversation via social media on our respective shifts.

She was assigned in the Cardiac Unit of a hospital in Toronto and was tasked to care for a 76 year old male patient with aortic stenosis.



Good news, nurses!

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released an order 182- 17 titled “Guidelines Governing the Employment and Working conditions of Health Personnel in the Private Healthcareindustry”.


I think I won’t see you

Posted: September 21, 2017 in Nurse
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I think I won’t see you, even if our worlds almost collide.

Because I have this weird feeling of fear, a feeling I understood long before you replied to my first message on Messenger. I tried to kick it for months, but now it’s starting to cripple my senses. My eyes have already catch goosebumps on my skin that they suddenly turn dark. And my nose inhaled a fragrant so poisonous it could stop my heartbeat.

I am afraid I can’t see you.

Doing so would tarnish the image I have of you. You’re a nice person whom everyone sees as cool and vibrant as the summer sky. You have a great charge on whatever is in your hands. You keep on having the positive vibe despite hurricanes and tornadoes that come along. With your, ‘don’t- care- don’t- mind’ attitude, seeing you is my greatest fear.

So maybe it’s better if I’d see you from afar.

From a distance, I could catch a glimpse of your curious frown and smile. They mimick how you’d be when I am near you. I couldn’t stand watching you with those frowns and smiles, so much so that I am keeping myself from a galaxy full of sharps and blood.

Emergency Department is a chaotic yet beautiful place to work as a nurse. You encounter and provide care lots of patients or clients in just a minute or two. You will see different cases in an hour and eventually have the ability to assess and prioritize each of them.