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In my newly found cafĂ©, my nasal cavity inhales that 2017 is slowly coming to an end. It’d be four days to go.

I took my notebook, and made a list on what I’d wish to accomplish next year.

Avoid Too Much Unnecessary Buys

This year I bought tons of unnecessary items. I paid for them not seeing the consequences of not using them ‘accurately’. I purchased a summer dress that until now I did not wear.

Last January, I splurged myself a white tee that I only wore once. I bought three new denims with the same genre, and just wore two of them. I shopped for the new Adidas Ultraboost, hoping that I’d use it on my morning run in our village. Since I arrived home, I did not accomplish running around the village. I will keep these unnecessary items to be reminded that I will only buy important things.

Learn More and Train Harder

My past job stuck me in an area. It put me in a department where I did not practice my nursing profession thoroughly. I was binded by handing instruments of a dentist, and inserting intravenous fluids. So in the coming year, I look forward in joining an institution that would challenge me and my capabilities.

I am excited to be pacing around the ward with new skills to learn. I would also like to be trained and mentored by a motivating senior.

For 2018, I am preparing to enroll in a class to enhance my nursing skills. It’d be either on emergency nursing or oncology or pediatric nursing.

Keep Priorities On

At this point of my life, my priority is having a house and lot. I purchased one with a little help from my thoughtful aunt. I am now left with paying the monthly amortization. I keep tabs on this for the coming year.

House mortgage is a pain in the ass. It’d eat my salary. It would mean maximum sacrifice. But I should not keep this off. I already made this my motivation for 2018 and the coming year.

Stick to a Side Hustle

I dropped my writing and online marketing skills two years ago. I focused on being a nurse. And I felt a hole on my heart.

Before 2017 ends, I searched for any online marketing part- time jobs, hoping I’d find one by the first month of 2018. When I’d have a side hustle, I’d stick to it and nourish it like what I did years ago to give myself a feeling of great joy.

My caramel macchiato is gone cold now. Happy New Year in advance, folks!


I had the worst diarrhea this morning that I almost miss my flight to the wonderful island of love in the Philippines.

Nurse Managment for Diarrhea


It was quiet a week in Manila that my heart wall was clouded by inflammation.

Heart Disease


As a student, we sometimes forgot our intravenous (IV) solutions. We were confused of what group they belong and what they were for. So I am giving you a guide of IV solutions.


Iloilo City has a new attraction for locals and tourists. It’s called Times Square.


Today, the Philippines has given a tremendous joy to health care personnels, patients, and advocates of HIV/ AIDs.

The House of Representatives voted unanimously for Philippines HIV and AIDs Policy Act or House Bill 6617. 188 representatives voted Yes, 0 No and 0 Abstain to approve the House Bill.

As posted in the Facebook page of Inquirer, the policy shown below.

Thank you God for this!


December 1 is World HIV- AIDs Day.