Nurse’s Notes: Managing Diarrhea and Vomiting

Posted: December 26, 2017 in Nurse
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I had the worst diarrhea this morning that I almost miss my flight to the wonderful island of love in the Philippines.

Nurse Managment for Diarrhea

I had spaghetti with lots of cheese, meat loafs and a bottle of Yakult drink, a probiotic dairy product for supper. By midnight I ran to the bathroom and vomited. Bits of what I ate scattered on the sink. On the sixth time, I had a sore upper gastric wall. My intestines are also crumbling for things I did not understand. I released almost a liter of watery stool (x4). After all these, I felt weak, sweaty and clammy. I even had a headache and almost had a syncope on the way back to my room.

Fortunately, I managed to get out with my worst diarrhea two hours before my schedule flight. Thanks to sips of warm water and prayer.

In lieu with what happened to me, I wish to share nursing management for diarrhea.

  • Assess the severity of condition.
  • Give fluids and electrolytes through ORS, IV therapy, and vital signs and intake and output monitoring
  • Promote BRAT (Banana, Rice Apple and Toast) diet.
  • Give small amount bland food and low fiber foods.
  • Do not give excessive amount of warm or cold water as it may stimulate peristalsis.
  • Provide potassium rich foods and fluids such as banana and Gatorade.
  • Administer antidiarrheals and antiemetics as prescribed. (Do not give antidiarrheal on the start of condition. Let the body remove the toxins and bacteria).
  • Provide perineal care to avoid irritation of the anal area.
  • Perform handwashing to prevent contamination.

That’d be all, folks. I hope I won’t experience this condition again. (wink)

  1. Eating habits cause the bad stomach. For sure prayers never help if you eat wrong food which can cause destruction in metabolic system. So better eat only what is friendly to digestive system. Cheers and good night .

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