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Parotid Salivary Gland

A simple pain in the face can be caused by an abnormality in your parotid salivary gland. Let’s take a look at our case today.

We had a 30 year old male patient who complained of pain in left side of his face, from below the eyes to the jaw. He gave 7 out of 10 foe his present pain. He experience this during cold showers, eating, and upon waking up. He also felt pain after eating cheese and drinking coffee.

Initial diagnosis of the surgeon was a problem in temporomandibular joint (TMJ). But upon seeing his CT Scan result, the surgeon asked for a dry gauze and massaged the parotid area. He asked for the level of pain from the patient, and got 5 as an answer.

As a management, the surgeon wants to send him for MRI to further assess and confirm his diagnosis. He gave at- home management such as increasing fluid intake and good oral hygiene. The patient will have to take analgesics once there’s pain and report for follow- up once MRI is done or after a week.

The surgeon did not say his diagnosis to the patient yet because he wanted to be certain firsthand. We discussed the case and he shared his diagnosis.

Our patient has sialadenitis. A condition where the salivaru gland is inflamed and is unable to secrete saliva due to blockage in the duct. Patients with this condition have tenderness in the parotid area, local or gradual swelling, dry mouth, and pain.

CT Scan and MRI may confirm the diagnosis of sialadenitis. Management for sialadenitis depends on the level of disease, but usually antiobiotics, warm compress, massage, increase fluid intake and proper oral hygiene are given and recommended.

Siliadenitis a rare disease but an interesting one especially when your patient gave you thirty minutes overtime, just so you dwell on things he called ‘triggers‘.


Mrs. Moon is smiling on a thursday night that I dreamt of an Italian gateaway – sipping wine in an Italian coast and savoring epic pasta and cheese. So I agreed to go out and dine with my colleagues at The Balcony.


An eighteen year old male patient came to our department with complaint of redness, swelling and blisters of lips. He was observed to have severe redness in his eyes, and non- elastic skin, also. His brother informed us that he got into this situation after taking a fever medicine. The patient has been going through this condition for two days.

The surgeon advised them to have IV fluids and electrolytes in the ER and do blood tests.


Nursing Diagnosis Syncope

After giving local anesthesia, our 34 year old female Indian patient fainted and exhibited seizures. What did we do to bring her in normal state?


Do you have that feeling of pleasure when you’re above, on an airplane, and looking down the earth?

Nurse Wanderer


Nurse's Notes

Nurse’s notes is a document where nurses put in writing the care they gave for their patient. It is a requirement in any health institution especially hospitals. This document provide protection for both the nurse and the patient when dispute arises. A nurse, however, should write one properly.

As a nurse who’s been practicing for some time, I got some key points to share in which nurses should follow to write a nurse’s notes.