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Our mandible is a delicate area targeted by many medical problems like infection or trauma. This week we have two cases concerning mandibular area but I will share the non- healing ulcer in submandibular area.



In lieu to my clumsiness today, I wanted to share an infographic.



A 27 year old male patient, of Asian descent, came to our department with right facial swelling. He experienced fever three days before going for check- up. He’s having pain while opening his mouth, thereby restricting him from eating.

After clinical examination by the surgeon, parotitis was suspected. Laboratory and radiologic examinations were requested. CT scan revealed inflamed parotid ducts.

In the case above, what measures should a nurse do to care for this type of patient?


Post Op Wound Dressing Nurse Management

I was tasked to do the post- surgery dressing of our vehicular accident (VA) patient.


Remember my post about me doing a blood test to confirm if I have an autoimmune disease? From that time I posted it, I was on the edge…

I felt like a white rose stained by blood. Do I have an auto- immune disease? Am I the lucky family member who inherited that toxic DNA?