I have an auto- immune disease.

Posted: June 5, 2018 in Personal
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Remember my post about me doing a blood test to confirm if I have an autoimmune disease? From that time I posted it, I was on the edge…

I felt like a white rose stained by blood. Do I have an auto- immune disease? Am I the lucky family member who inherited that toxic DNA?

A plethora of things were on my mind these past few days that I came back to my internist and discussed my case.

It was the first time that I got 2.6 in my anti- nuclear antibodies (ANA) test. I’ve done it two times. I told her I am worried. I have shared before that we have a family history of lupus. I’ve been having light sensitivity and joint pain once in a while. I’ve also have fever from time to time.

I asked what would be our next step. My beautiful doctor told me to undergo another test to confirm the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease called Lupus. It’s anti ds DNA test.

I went to our laboratory and allowed our technician to extract 5ml of my blood. She then informed me that my result would take days because they’d send the test to an affiliated diagnostic center. Our institution don’t have the said test.

After 5days, I called our laboratory. I hurriedly went there to retrieve my result. I jokingly asked the receptionist if she tell me it’s positive I’ll give her sweets. While handing the paper, she frowned and asked why I did the test. I folded the paper without looking at it, smiled back, gave her a packet of Cadburry mini chocolate and walked off the exit door of laboratory office.

As I am going to my beautiful internist’s clinic, I was nervous. Things kept running on my head. What if it’s positive? How would I continue to serve humanity? Can I live my life as it is or do I have to.sactifice some things? Do I have to stop assisting surgeries? Can I be a nurse anesthetist? Can I marry someone and have kids if I have an autoimmune disease? With these questions, I knocked and entered the clinic. I handed the folded to my doxtor. Immediately, she unfolded it and her face lit with dismay. She revealed the result to me…

My internist said that I can continue serving humanity while slowly reaching and achieving for my career goals and personal interests. My anti ds DNA test result was negative!

Thanks God!

PS: My doctor asked for blood test to rule out whether I’m positive in another auto- immune disease. My RA Factor turned out to be negative too. Now, I have to have my blood tested for all auto- immune disease to confirm what I have…


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