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In the department I am working right now, we always use artificial bone to patients requiring bone grafting. We utilize bone fragments from animals rather than using patient’s own bone. But not today. We’ll be doing buccal fat pad.

What is buccal fat pad? Why is it use for grafting?



Limberg Flap

Our scheduled case today was excision of black mole in the right side of face. Our patient is male, 33 years old and of Asian descent. He came to us complaining of the growth of his black mole. Before surgery, it had a diameter of 2cm.

What’s interesting about this case?


Multicultural Nurse

While updating my license today, I came across an article from Robert Nieves of Elsevier. The article was entitled ‘How do you support a multicultural, multilingual workforce to drive down variability in care?’. This article struck me expensively as I am a member of a multilingual, multicultural health care team.

What does this article say?