Nurse’s Notes: Excision of Slowly Growing Black Mole

Posted: July 12, 2018 in Nurse
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Limberg Flap

Our scheduled case today was excision of black mole in the right side of face. Our patient is male, 33 years old and of Asian descent. He came to us complaining of the growth of his black mole. Before surgery, it had a diameter of 2cm.

What’s interesting about this case?

Before going to the good part, I’d like to remind nurses of their responsibilities with this case. Nursing management is a must even if it’s a minor surgery.

So for the excision of slowly growing black mole, nurses must assess patient’s vital signs, ensure consent was signed by the patient, and carry out pre- op orders such as giving of medications and IV fluids. An operating room nurse should also ask the surgeon what procedure he’d do so they can prepare the instruments. Scrub nurse should maintain sterility throughout the procedure.

Limberg Flap

Now the interesting part of this case was the technique used by the surgeon after excision of black mole. He called it as Limberg flap. He told our scrub nurse it was a better technique than skin grafting as it reduces the number of wound. It is also a ‘time wise’ and ‘scar wise’ technique.

For post- op care, the nurse should assess vital signs and monitor level of pain. She should also ask the patient for numbness in the facial area as nerves may be hit during surgery. Administration of prescribed antibiotics and analgesics should be done according to Ten Rs by the nurse. Discharging of patient would follow if the surgeon told so.

So, that’s it folks. I gotta prepare for Caldwell Luch…


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