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Learning Korean

I’m a travel nurse, and learning how to speak (and write) a different language is an advantage of it. It builds rapport to patients. I gained their trust especially when I relayed to them the importance of the procedure that’d be done to them. For my three years here in Saudi Arabia, I learned to speak Arabic and I was commended by my superiors and colleagues for it.

How did I learn a new language as a travel nurse? How did I understand and speak a new language given my ‘toxic run’ with patients?



Every nurse must know and understand Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) as each of us is dealing with God’s precious gift called life.

What is ACLS? Why is it needed by nurses?


Intravenous solutions (IV) are vital for nurses’ implementation of care. They drive patients to be well by restoring and maintaining fluids and electrolytes of the body. Without IVs, nurses, especially in intensive care unit (ICU), will fail to execute utmost care.

So what are these IV solutions and how are they important to patients?


Our department was on a suture party this week as we were visited by patients with facial lacerations of different depth and sizes. In each patient, the surgeon gave different type of suture. And that’s what I’ll be sharing to you on this post.