Nurse’s Notes: Understanding Different Types of Sutures

Posted: August 3, 2018 in Nurse
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Our department was on a suture party this week as we were visited by patients with facial lacerations of different depth and sizes. In each patient, the surgeon gave different type of suture. And that’s what I’ll be sharing to you on this post.

Sutures are used for closure of skin or mucosal gap. There are lots of sutures you can see in the operating room but they can be divided in either absorbable and non- absorbable.

Non- Absorbable

It is seen as most useful in patients needing urgent or emergent care. Examples of this type are prolene and silk.


Absorbable sutures are usually used for closure of superficial wound. Vicryl, monochromic gut, fast absorbing gut are classified as absorbable.

As for facial lacerations, our department consumes most of vicryl and prolene. Vicryl (4- 0 or 5- 0) was used to patients with oral lacerations. We also give it to patients with deep facial lacerations. Prolene (6-0 or 7- 0) is utilized to close superficial wound of the face and to avoid scar to patients.

As for the suture technique, the surgeon usually performed over and over simple interrupted, and lock stitch suture.


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