Mobile Apps I Use in Learning New Language

Posted: September 5, 2018 in Nurse
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It’s been two weeks since I shared what I’m doing to communicate with my multicultural colleagues and patients. I am late for this and I’m not sorry (wink).

Today I’ll share a few mobile apps that will help you ace your goal to learn a new language.

Everyday I have set my mobile notifications to three languages in three different settings. I’d have English at six in the morning, Hanguel (Korean Language) at one in the afternoon and French at ten in the evening. I give 30 minutes to each language and for each of them I am using three apps.

Google Translate

I’m an avid Google user so this app goes first on my list since I got hold of internet. I first used this app when I was trying to decipher Spanish words during my college days.

Google Translate offers a wide range of services to each users. You can go offline and have it on the go. But you must remember to download the language you wish to learn before running off the WiFi.

There’s a little glitch with Google Translate though. If you don’t clearly speak the words, it’d give you a wrong translation. So utter those words properly.


My first encounter with Doulingo was four years ago when I was reading a book with french words. I googled an app for french language and this came first in the feed. I got hooked to it as I felt like I am just playing. It has different levels of learning which was great for a student like me. It challenges you to learn more every day.


Because of my addiction to Korean Drama, I enrolled myself to Hanguel. I looked for an app where there’s a two way of learning. Then I found Eggbun. This app allows you to communicate with their ever supportive app manager through texting and voice messaging. It’s like someone is really with you when you’re studying. What I love more about this app is being able to write in Hanguel.

Oh. Look at that. It’s time for my French lesson now, folks. Til next time!

  1. that’s awesome! i love language learning and especially love how learning languages can connect you with people from other cultures, but especially in connecting us nurses to our patients and being able to relate to them and communicate with them.
    i listen to a podcast in the car to learn cantonese, but i am going to try duolingo for french too. thanks for the app recs!
    p.s. i also have a love for kdrama as well =)

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