Cellulitis of the Face

Posted: October 5, 2018 in Nurse
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Cellulitis of the Face

More than five patients came in to our department with facial swelling. They were diagnosed to have cellulitis of the face.

And that should I share with you all.

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin and its inner layers- dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria are known to cause cellulitis. Other bacteria such as Clostridium species and Pneumococcus can also bring cellulitis.

Cellulitis can occur to any ages of both male and female but is usually common to middle- aged individuals. Cellulitis is not a contagious condition.

Management of cellulitis particularly of the face is focused on combatting bacteria. So as a nurse you are tasked to follow the following intervention for cellulitis (facial);

  • Assess vital signs, noting for elevated temperature.
  • Assess area of cellulitis, take note of redness, swelling and hardness.
  • Obtain medical history of patient, whether known hypertensive or diabetic.
  • Give prescribed medicines (antibacterials, analgesics).
  • Ask whethee patients with facial cellulitis has allergy to antibacterials especially penicillin and its derivatives.
  • For patient with severe cellulitis of the face, prepare for possible surgery (incision and drainage of abscess).
  • Ensure patient understands importance of surgery by securing the consent.
  • During surgical procedure, maintain sterility.
  • Ensure that post- op and dischathed instructions are understood.
  • Document patient complains, signs and symptoms, procedure done and outcome properly.

A person can prevent occurence lf cellulitis of the face by eating nutritious food, avoiding smoking, proper hygiene (oral hygiene), treating underlying conditions such as diabetes, and caring for cuts or wounds in the skin.

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