Managing Zygomaticomaxillary Fracture

Posted: October 19, 2018 in Nurse

A call from our intensive care unit (ICU) prompted us to manipulate properly the remaining four hours of our shift. We had a facial fracture.

ICU referred a patient with zygomaticomaxillary fracture related to self- fall. He’s positioned in our ICU on admission and was referred for consultation in our department after CT scan of brain/ skull was done. He had multiple bruises on his body, facial abrasions and righr eye swelling. CT scan revealed a zygomaticomaxillary or malar fracture.

As soon as the surgeon saw the CT, he booked the procedure with our operating theatre staff. I briefly took a deep breathe and properly managed pre- op preparations with ICU and OR staff.

Nursing Management for Malar (Zygomaticomaxillary) Fracture

  • Assess and monitor vital signs noting for signs of increased ICP.
  • Monitor input and output.
  • Collaborate with laboratory and radiology department about the blood tests and radiology reports.
  • Administer prescribed medications and IVFs such as NSAIDs.
  • Ensure patient (or significant other) understands importance of surgery, then secure signed consent.
  • Prepare patient for surgery, maintain NPO status.
  • Keep sterility throughout the surgery.
  • Monitor vital signs and watch out for complications of surgery.
  • Document all procedures done to patient accordingly.

As we wrapped the procedure, I prayed for excellent recovery of our patient. It’s difficult to be an expatriate in any country, what more becoming a patient with no family at your side…

Till next post, folks…


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