Everyone is Getting Married, I am not.

Posted: May 31, 2019 in Personal
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Engagement and wedding photos flow through my social media accounts nowadays. They’re pretty, memorable, yet nerve wracking for me that I contemplate on how those pictures and videos affect my 28-year-old self.

If it’s the 1990s era, the elders and everyone in our block would brand me a spinster already. They would pressure me to get married and have kids. My parents and family would ask all eligible men in our neighborhood to date me. My sisters would search for a man, who could provide for me and our future family. These would make me bitter and overwhelmed as well as insecure of my age and self. Thankfully, I am in the 20th century and proudly placed myself in the millennial group. I have some deals to banter with engagements and weddings.

Love for Profession

As a millennial, I have a workplace where I am practicing what I learned in school. I am grateful for every minute I spent with my multicultural patients. The scent of blood and other excrement excites and overwhelms me each day, but I feel fulfilled at the end of my shift. In my work, my seniors and colleagues’ rapport, teamwork, and professional fluctuations spice up my job. I sleep and wake up with the worry of having someone on the other end. I clocked- out without hurrying to my phone and sending messages to a certain significant other. I handled my house chores sans distractions from concern and whinny someone beeping through my mobile or iPad just to inquire why I am late or have not called earlier. Everything about my job eats most of my day, strains my muscles, drains my happy hormones, exacerbates my angry episodes, but I close my day calm and contented with myself. Thus, those wedding pictures don’t concern me big time.

Enrolling to Online Courses

I just finished an online course about the humanitarian response as I was a Red Cross volunteer during my high school and college years. It was my first try on distance learning and I fell in love with it. When I completed the course, I felt proud of myself. I managed to insert studying and reviewing for the course’s exam while working for six days a week. It was an exhausting first three months of 2019, but it paid so well. I got a certificate for it too, and I couldn’t be prouder of it than having a boyfriend for three months.

Having plans and plans

As a travel nurse, I always envision myself walking in the autumn or winter breeze with my scrub suit covered with a red trench coat and clocking in for my shift. Then as a logged- out, I would rest and sleep in my fully- furnished apartment. During my days- off I would climb a mountain or camp out with my family and friends or would date for the sake of dating. To achieve this, I have placed an excel sheet of my plans. I am currently enrolled in a preparatory online course so I could pass and be part of a teaching hospital in either the UK or Canada. Checking out each bullet in the list is taking my time and pushes me away from those engagement photos and videos.

Still young and badass

Being a 28-year-old female and not engaged or married nowadays isn’t a taboo or bad omen. Women my age are seen as independent, smart, and brave. We live our lives as we wish it would be without harassing or disrespecting our fellowmen. We make decisions based on what matters to us and what’s right for our well- being as a woman in a man’s world. We take responsibilities as men do. And above all, we take life as we learn how to ride with it though we’re young and badass.

As I will end this post and have put a good thought of my friends and colleague’s life events, I am happy for those who got hitched from the past months and I am truly grateful for sharing their life event online. It allowed me to reevaluate myself and how I manage my current state of life.

  1. Nurse says:

    Yes! I love all of this. Im already married with children but I feel this so much. I have a really great support system that knows when I need that alone time after work, I get it. That freedom if traveling is amazing. I used to be travel but now I am hospital based. I’ll go back one day and enjoy it immensely. Do you! We are all unique with great aspirations and it’s beautiful. Great post ❤

  2. Christie says:

    Thank you for sharing! I love going to friend’s weddings, but somehow I would find myself wondering if that would ever be me. But you’re so right- we’re smart and brave.. and late twenties is not old at all when we really think about it! I would rather be settled in my career and everything before “settling down.” Thanks!

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