My Take on Cash Diet and Credit Card Usage

Posted: June 7, 2019 in Nurse
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Two weeks ago, I began a financial freedom challenge with myself. It was daunting and fun that learned few things about cash diet and card usage.

Cash Diet

Every time I pull a paper bill in my wallet, I religiously weigh whether I really need the item or not. My ever doubtful and quality freak self would criticize my heart on the item even if its a bag of Cheetos Hot and Spicy. My brain would always fight my heart if the item’s healthy or beneficial or if it’s worthy to be paid for. In the end, every item I placed in the cashier’s table were all worthy and healthy.

In a cash diet, you have an physical inventory of where your money went. I remember each item I paid for and how much each costs. I had a list of them on my mobile and the change were placed in a purse. In a cash diet, you saw where your money went and you knew how many were left.

Since I already weigh the worth of an item to its cost, I am already contented for paying it. I did not feel any angst or surge of regret after getting my receipt and received the change from the cashier. Thus, not having regret is one of the advantages of having a cash diet.

Card Usage

Second week of the challenge was using my card. I planned to spend only 500SAR through my card. I went cash-less on this week. I did not shell any coins or paper bills from my wallet.

When I have your card at bay, I cannot help myself from swiping. First and second swipe was the best that I felt swiping was a luxury only I can afford. I was proud of myself for doing it each time I pay for any item I deemed beautiful on that boutique. Swiping cards took me to another level of confidence, that I knew would drag me down after a day or two.

So after a number of card swipe for this week, regret came to me. I checked my card. It documents my spending spree of a week and I nearly fainted for my craziness. I spent more than I planned to and it’s hurting my card score and myself.

The items I bought through my card were giving me chills as well. I did not know where I’d wear those jeans and dress. I am sad of that dress, as I won’t wear it to any occasions. It’s just too flashy for me. I have tons of undergarments now than a week ago, and I have to decide which weekender bag to eliminate. Ah, the thing after those swiping was painful and chilling.

After this two- week challenge, I am sticking to cash diet. It’s emotionally and mentally healthy for me.

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