How I’m Paying for my Monthly Dues

Posted: June 22, 2019 in Nurse
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I have my monthly dues and I need to pay them. They are my mortgage, life and health insurance. They must be paid even if I am working as a travel nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I will tell you in this post how I am paying my monthly dues abroad as part of my journey to financial freedom. Insurance

I am doubtful as of this post if my Social Security System (SSS), PAG-IBIG Fund, and PhilHealth subscriptions and memberships are my life and health insurance in the Philippines. Nevertheless, I wish to consider they are. I believe they would help me with my retirement years, which is a little over thirty years from now.

As a travel nurse in the Middle East, I cannot go and pay my monthly premium to SSS, PAG-IBIG Fund and PhilHealth offices. I have to ask my sisters to do it and it’s overwhelming her work schedule. Thankfully, these agencies are allowing me to pay on a quarterly basis. One of my sisters goes in each of the agency once every three months and finishes paying my premiums without delay.

The internet made payment for my monthly dues easier. For my SSS, I have to generate a payment reference number or PRN online for three months and send it to my sister’s email. She will download and print it before going to one of the offices on the scheduled date. She will inform me to check on my SSS account after she has done the payment.

My sister is paying my premiums to PAG-IBIG and PhilHealth through satellite centers in SM Malls and Robinson’s Mall. She usually experiences a hassle- free transaction, as queues are less and the ambiance is great. She visits and transacts even on weekends for my PAG-IBIG and PhilHealth.


I am paying my mortgage through PAG-IBIG and my sister does the job for me. She pays it every month without delay and tells me if she has done it or any irregularities are met. She walks and gives my monthly mortgage to a good teller of PAG-IBIG Fund’s satellite center in SM Mall. I usually confirm the payment of my mortgage through my PAG- IBIG Fund online account after she did the payment.

You may ask how my sisters do the payments in agencies or institutions in the Philippines such as SSS. My sisters have a copy of a document called Special Power of Attorney. It is a legal document I left it to each of them, so they can pay my premiums and processed papers on my behalf.

My profession may hinder how I am meeting my monthly dues in the Philippines accordingly, but I have sisters whom I can trust to do the job for me. I also have the internet if I need to make a query about my premiums.

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