How I Stick to No Shopping Diet

Posted: July 6, 2019 in Nurse
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Shopping diet is described by many as restraining oneself’s in buying clothes and things within a period of time. It is not fully stopping someone to buy fancy clothes, new shoes, and trendy kitchen utensils and appliances. It is an event where it helps a person how to shift their impulse buying and stretch their money to more necessary things such as savings and paying debts.

How do I stick to a no shopping diet nowadays?

I was an impulse buyer. I remember going to the mall after a toxic shift and went home with four bags of dresses and pants. I spent half of my salary on it for just a couple of hours in the mall. I was frustrated in knowing that I spent too much on a single day. Since I rarely go out or attend a party or events, I was disgusted with myself when I knew I don’t have many occasions to wear those clothes.

As the years went by, I learned to adapt to the no shopping diet. It was a satisfying challenge I took upon.

I started my 2019 with a no shopping diet for three months. I bought what’s necessary for my daily life activities like groceries, laundry materials, and personal toiletries. I made a list of what to buy and made sure I would consume items for a month. I bought only groceries that would be fed me after my shift in the hospital and during my days- off. For three months, I did not buy a bag of chocolates as it was not on my list.

Another secret to my success in no shopping diet was I did not go to aisles where I cannot find what’s on my list. I found it time- consuming whenever you checked every aisle in the grocery. You’d surely end up with something not on your list when you do so. I avoided shopping invites during these three months as well. My colleagues would laugh but I told them the truth and I’m sticking to my diet.

The monthly shopping list I made helped me saved money and be frugal. I compared item in terms of brand, components, and price. It was a satisfying task for me as I became to be adept on how to be a wise spender. I stick to my list as well, which is an important lesson in a no shopping diet challenge. You have to resist temptation. You have to weigh the pros and cons of a product in your daily life.

In a no shopping diet, your determination and discipline would go far. I resisted fancy clothes and shoes. I have my necessary items in my kitchen cupboard. I did not have regrets and most importantly, I saved more than I planned to.

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