Why Saying Enough Helps My Journey to Financial Freedom

Posted: July 20, 2019 in Nurse
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I have enough.

Every day I say the above words to myself. They keep me on track with my goals. They remind me of what I already have. Thus, I will share why saying,’I have enough.’ does a good deal with financial freedom.

Take- out Foods Are Out

The first benefit of this mantra is that it reminded me that I have enough food in my fridge and cupboard and I can take them to my work. So I make it a point to pack and carry my lunch or snacks. This then prevents me from going to our ‘luxurious’ cafeteria where I can spend 13SAR for a fresh juice. As I have a packed lunch and snacks, I no longer spend for online food delivery service. I used to spend 30SAR to 50SAR for a single order of fast-food restaurant combo meal, and delivery fee for at 10SAR to 16SAR.

I am aware that my food is prepared safely and I’m on track with my journey to financial stability because saying enough to myself is a great reminder.

No Unnecessary Clothes, Shoes, and Bags

Online shopping apps pop-outs everywhere nowadays. They lure you to buy a fancy pair of jeans or culottes, a cute summer dress, and funky sneakers that millennials are talking and wearing. They cut your monthly allowance by fifty percent after an hour of online browsing. So I told myself I have enough clothes, shoes, and bags.

Shopping days for my colleagues and flatmates are usually Fridays. They invite me to go out because this or that mall has a big sale for clothing, bags, and shoes. They usually got a ‘no’ from me. I told them I still have this and that. Like yesterday, my colleagues asked if I’d like to go shopping with them. I refused politely, telling them I don’t need a new bag or shoes because I already have a bag and shoes for work and going out, a bag and shoes for vacation or traveling and a bag and shoes for date night. I have enough bags and shoes. No need for me to buy another one. No need for me to buy a Chanel or Gucci bag or Nike sneakers just because everyone is hooked with the craze of buying things.

No Trendy Kitchen Stuff

I don’t cook often, and when I do it’s just a simple pasta recipe or beef stew. I used a few items whenever I cook. Yet I was fond of buying food processors, baking set, cooking set, dining set, choppers, and condiments last year.

Then came my journey to financial freedom challenge. I am no longer buying condiments. I used to buy a pack of black and white pepper, cumin, paprika even if I still have stocks of them. I used to purchase condiments for the sake of having them on my cupboard. I just like looking at them like I am in a condiments section of a grocery store.

I have enough kitchen tools that I stopped purchasing kitchen utensils and appliances. I don’t cook a whole course of a meal for myself as they would just go to the waste bin. I eat like a cat. So I regretted buying a food processor and baking set. They are parked in my kitchen, still in their boxes today. A frying pan, my trusted oven, and a rice cooker are enough for my daily routine.

Minimal Snack Foods

I am a nurse and I rely on snack foods and drinks during my shifts in the hospitals because they don’t consume most of my break time. This then drives me to buy tons of snack foods every time I visit a grocery store. I usually have three varieties of biscuits and wafers in my cart, two bags of chocolate bars, and two packs of canned teas and/or coffee. My grocery budget swells and leaves me with two cents most of the time.

Because of my mantra that I have enough, I kept my purchase of snack foods at a minimum. I now have one pack of biscuits/ wafers, no chocolate bars, and no canned tea or coffee. I carry a biscuit or wafer packet in my packet and allowed myself to our department’s free water. I saved more than I expected just for a week.

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