Nurse’s Notes: Role of an Ambulance Nurse

Posted: September 13, 2019 in Nurse
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My first job was with my town health center. I was an ambulance nurse.

I had a number of task back then and I wish to share to you.

An ambulance nurse is not an easy job. A nurse must be trained thoroughly to be one especially if he or she is working in highly urbanized area. She is trained to be prepared on what to come in her community may it be a medical or surgical emergency.

An emergency health worker or ambulance nurse if usually a nurse employed by her community or a private institution to provide care to patients or clients. She or he is prepared to any accidents or circumstances, especially if she’s assigned in a big city. She must be equipped with knowledge and skills to handle medical and communication devices to properly deliver care.

An ambulance nurse is the person called to assess and implement first line of care for persons injured in an accident and/or individuals experiencing medical difficulties such as such chest pain or difficulty of breathing related to any underlying diseases. She must be knowledgeable of triage process to assess clients and/or patients. If triage is done accordingly, implementation of care is imposed in utmost quality. Once he or she stabilizes the patient or client, it is his or her duty to transfer patient appropriate health care institution. She or he is also responsible for the reporting and documentation of all things related to patient care.

When I was working as an ambulance nurse, I made a note to properly address those I talk over the phone to properly convey the report of a patient. I had to made my voice clear and loud. I used to say the report brief yet informative. It is also according to our protocol to wait for response from the other and listen to clarifications.

Every start and end of an ambulance nurse, it is imperative to check and account every medicines, materials and equipments. This ensures that medicines are available and not expired. If the nurse regularly checks equipments, especially the AED and portable oxygen tanks, she is confident that they are readily available and do not delay implementation of care.

If anyone of you is an ambulance nurse or EMS, let me know what was your roles and responsibilities.

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