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Dating a nurse may be nerve- wracking. Some perceived that a nurse has no time or has a difficult time fixing or having a date. A few may even see a nurse as someone with no time to date. But these notions are actually fallacies. A nurse can be your greatest date, and who knows she’ll be your wife or partner in life. That’s like winning a lottery with a health care insurance!

The following are some of the reasons why you should date a nurse: (more…)


“At some points in life, you feel happy.”

Networx has made a simple infographic about the ten signs of being happy.Signs of Happiness

“Everyone wants to happy. Who will never be?”

Happiness StreetA happy person is healthier, has a greater chance to succeed, makes more friends, and live longer. He will achieve such condition after he has done what needs to be done in ‘Happiness Street’. So just like anyone else, I ditched the ‘Lonely Road’ and head towards ‘Happiness Street’.

Here are the things that I am doing to achieve happiness;

Place Happiness in Mind

According to a study in Harvard University, happiness is all in the mind. This shows that if you think of happy thoughts just like Peter Pan, you will be happy. So every morning I decided to live in the Happiness Street, I said to my mind that,’Today, I will be happy’. (more…)

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Negative thoughts will drag you down. It will make you vulnerable and sick. For example, when you think that you cannot do a certain task, you have the tendency not to work and it can make you feel useless and depress. That’s shocking right? But we can change that. All you have to do is look and decipher the photo below from Happify;

Negative Thoughts, Positivity, Happiness

“Goodbye, Facebook.”

99 Days of Freedom from Facebook, Facebook Experiment

Today, July 10, 2014 at exactly 6am, I joined the  Dutch ad agency named Just in their road to ‘Freedom‘.  This a campaign in response to the controversial Facebook Experiment, which I also condemn. Up until now I cannot decipher why Facebook has done such research. The study was ‘poorly communicated‘ and I felt betrayed, devastated and sad.


“You are beyond beautiful.”

One of the phrase among the many compliments we received everyday has influence our perception.  Negative could make us sad and lonely.  It could lead to an overwhelming acceptance of compliments. Positive ones can make us smile and leverage the inferiority and lack of confidence in us. These compliments could covet a permanent mark to the receiver whatever type they are. So it is a matter of choice on how to deliver them.


“Flowers are my guide.”

During our wandering soiree, we meet a plethora of things. These things surprises us, nurture us, and teaches us. They are the things that put a significant mark into our lives. They are also those things that guide us in unearthing our hidden capabilities or qualities. So therefore I am sharing the flowers I have found when I went to a place I once called home.

Flowers in the Philippines