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I have enough.

Every day I say the above words to myself. They keep me on track with my goals. They remind me of what I already have. Thus, I will share why saying,’I have enough.’ does a good deal with financial freedom.



I am hungry for knowledge. I am thirsty for new adventure. I’ve been having these feelings for a few days now. God heard the cries of my stomach and throat that I was directed to an interesting online course called Global Public Health last Wednesday.


I have my monthly dues and I need to pay them. They are my mortgage, life and health insurance. They must be paid even if I am working as a travel nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I will tell you in this post how I am paying my monthly dues abroad as part of my journey to financial freedom. (more…)

Two weeks ago, I began a financial freedom challenge with myself. It was daunting and fun that learned few things about cash diet and card usage.


As I am hanging around on my late twenties, a friend asked me if I am already on my way to financial freedom as she knows I am busy working for my two- bedroom house.


Reporting a Patient

Posted: April 12, 2019 in Nurse
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Nurses are responsible to render a report of their patient. We are usually asked for patient’s basic details, diagnosis, plan of care done and what to be done. We give detailed report during end- of- shift endorsement or when asked by physicians and head nurses.

Reporting usually happened in the ward. A nurse from the Emergency Department (ED) or Out- Patient Department (OPD) will give the patient’s details, diagnosis and plan of care along with other confidential details to receiving nurse in the ward or intensive care unit. If the patient if for surgery or have a planned procedure in the operating theater (OT) , the ward nurse will render his/ her patient report to the OT nurse. Post- Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurse will also get a report from OT nurse after surgery is done to the patient, which is essential for care during recovery of patient. The ward nurse will receive post- operative report which contains new orders of medication and plan of care from PACU Nurse after the patient has regained consciousness from anesthesia.

How should an end- of- shift be done properly by a nurse?

Every year, we anticipate new things to come. We are interested in upcoming events of the following year. And as nurses, we are lured to information concerning new discoveries in health care, new staffing trends, and changes in recruitment of nurses globally.

So before 2018 ends, it is my joy to share some nursing trends you should watch out next year.

Staffing Problems

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions will suffer from nurse staffing problems as lesser numbers of nursing students graduates per year and as more skilled nurses move towards bigger institutions. Shortage of nurse will continue to grow as the need for qualified and skilled nurses increases.

Higher Education Is Priority

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) will be the standard requirement in the coming year. With this, nurses will make a difference in recruitment process as BSN reflects higher status and top- bill skill sets. Salary or pay for nurses with BSN will be higher than other nursing professionals.

Bilingual Nurses

Patients who ask answers when they are sick greatly appreciates nurses who can speak native language. They feel at ease with a nurse who can converse with them in their own language. A bilingual nurse will be in top demand as she helps in lessening fears and a great team member in planning treatment of the patient.

Technology Usage

Technology and healthcare industry work together every year to provide efficient and quality care to patients. Nurses may look forward for new documentation app or software, and/or appointment- setting software. New device or instruments for perioperative nurses, and a triage software for emergency department nurses may be produce in the coming year. It is up to each nurse to learn new tools, device, and software to manipulate as long as it gives quality and safe care to patients.

These nursing trends are just assumptions to motivate nurses in implementing quality care and thereby improving lives.