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My first job was with my town health center. I was an ambulance nurse.

I had a number of task back then and I wish to share to you.


According to Zhang G et al, around 20 to 70 % of patients receiving intravenous therapy in the hospital may experience infusion phlebitis.  Inflamed veins could disrupt the therapy, which is why it is essential for nurses to identify early signs and symptoms of phlebitis.

To help my fellow nurses, I wish to share two scales for identifying phlebitis and interventions necessary to prevent and manage this condition, (more…)

I have enough.

Every day I say the above words to myself. They keep me on track with my goals. They remind me of what I already have. Thus, I will share why saying,’I have enough.’ does a good deal with financial freedom.


Shopping diet is described by many as restraining oneself’s in buying clothes and things within a period of time. It is not fully stopping someone to buy fancy clothes, new shoes, and trendy kitchen utensils and appliances. It is an event where it helps a person how to shift their impulse buying and stretch their money to more necessary things such as savings and paying debts.

How do I stick to a no shopping diet nowadays? (more…)

I am hungry for knowledge. I am thirsty for new adventure. I’ve been having these feelings for a few days now. God heard the cries of my stomach and throat that I was directed to an interesting online course called Global Public Health last Wednesday.


I have my monthly dues and I need to pay them. They are my mortgage, life and health insurance. They must be paid even if I am working as a travel nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I will tell you in this post how I am paying my monthly dues abroad as part of my journey to financial freedom. (more…)