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A 27 year old male patient, of Asian descent, came to our department with right facial swelling. He experienced fever three days before going for check- up. He’s having pain while opening his mouth, thereby restricting him from eating.

After clinical examination by the surgeon, parotitis was suspected. Laboratory and radiologic examinations were requested. CT scan revealed inflamed parotid ducts.

In the case above, what measures should a nurse do to care for this type of patient?



Zygomatic Bone Fracture

We have a 43 year old male patient came to the clinic with swelling and about 5cm laceration on the side of his right eye. He informed us that he was assaulted by his coworker. His CT scan showed a fractured zygomatic bone. The patient was advised for open reduction internal fixation of zygomatic bone.

With this case, what should a nurse do?


Most of our patients came with complaints of appearance of fibrous tissue in oral mucosa. They got it aftet accidental bite and sometimes from unknown cause. This fibrous tissue is like the patients’ skin tags.

What is this fibrous tissue in oral mucosa? Is this cancerous? What can a nurse do to manage this case?


Every year on the 6th of May, nurses around the world celebrate Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Starting from this day, nurses commemorate their hard work and achievements. It is also the week where nurses are being honored and recognized for their contribution in the society.


Tongue Ulcer Nursing Management

A case about tongue ulcer was given to us as my first day back to Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery Department. I can’t help but stretched my facial muscles and showed a smile to the surgeon. I’m truly back to this department.


Sickle Cell

A jolly 7 year old boy, of Arab descent, was brought to the Pedia Departmment for consultation. His mother verbalized that he was diagnosed to have sickle cell disease.

What is sickle cell disease? How does a nurse, wandering in an Arab soil, help patients or clients with sickle cells?


Fractured Foot

As a floater in the Emergency Department today, I got a chance to care for patients with fractured limbs.

How did I, a nurse, manage a patient with fractured bones?

We got two teenagers with broken lower extremities following outdoor football games and an adult with fractured shoulder blade. I was assigned to the boy with comminuted fifth metatarsals, close type.

  • Obtain patient history prior to visit in the Emergency Department.
  • Assess the site for signs and symptoms of infection and edema.
  • Ask level of pain from patient.
  • Obtain result of x- ray from radiology department and confirm diagnosis with the doctor, or orthopedic surgeon.
  • Elevate site of fracture to prevent edema and other complications.
  • Place crepe bandage and splint as ordered.
  • Administer prescribed analgesics and other medicines.
  • Teach patient not to exert more force on affected area to prevent complications.
  • Prepare patient for possible surgery.

Because of the nature of our patient’s fractured left fifth metatarsal, we referred him to our orthopedic surgeon for further management.

That’s it for the fractured bones, nurses. I pray that all our patients with broken bones recover fast and well. Ciao!