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My aunt and I had a brief conversation via social media on our respective shifts.

She was assigned in the Cardiac Unit of a hospital in Toronto and was tasked to care for a 76 year old male patient with aortic stenosis.

Aortic Valve

Nursing interventions for patients with aortic stenosis.

1. Assess patient’s mental status, noting signs of restlessness. And anxiety.

2. Assess and check heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Assess skin colour and temperature routinely (Cold clammy skin is a compensatory increase in sympathetic nervous system stimulation and low cardiac output.)

4. Check vital signs, and peripheral pulses (weak rate and rhythm may show low cardiac output.

5. Monitor Central Venous Pressure, Pulmonary Arterial Pressure

6. Monitor intake and output of client, and check weight daily.

7. Maintain adequate ventilation and perfusion by placing patient in semi- to high- Fowler’s position.

8. Administer Oxygen as ordered to prevent tissue hypoxia.

9. Administer prescribed medications, noting time, route, response of patient and other side effects.

10. Administer stool softeners as ordered.

11. Explain to patient and significant others the drug regimen.

12. Provide a quiet and relaxed environment.

13. Explain and maintain diet restriction (low- sodium diet) to patient.

14. If patient is in invasive therapy ( pacemaker or intra- aortic balloon pump), provide care according to protocol.

15. Document all interventions given.

I hope this will guide you.

Happy Nurse life!


Good news, nurses!

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released an order 182- 17 titled “Guidelines Governing the Employment and Working conditions of Health Personnel in the Private Healthcareindustry”.


I think I won’t see you

Posted: September 21, 2017 in Nurse
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I think I won’t see you, even if our worlds almost collide.

Because I have this weird feeling of fear, a feeling I understood long before you replied to my first message on Messengee. I tried to kick it for months, but now it’s starting to cripple my senses. My eyes have already catch goosebumps on my skin that they suddenly turn dark.  And my nose smells a fragrant so poisonous it could stop my heartbeat. 

I am afraid I can’t see you.

Doing so would tarnish the image I have of you. You’re a nice person whom everyone sees as cool and vibrant as the summer sky. You have a great charge on whatever is in your hands. You keep on having the positive vibe despite hurricanes and tornadoes that come along. With your, ‘don’t- care- don’t- mind’ attitude, I fear of seeing you. 

So I’ll see you from afar.

From a distance, I could catch a glimpse of your curious frown and smile. They mimick how you’d be when I am near you. I couldn’t stand watching you with those frowns and smiles, so much so that I am keeping myself from a galaxy full of sharps and blood.

For this week our emergency department has received lots of pediatric clients than adults. We have adults with chest pain, abdominal pain, and high blood pressure. But our pediatric cl. Most of the peds have vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever.

Pedia Emergency, Travel Nurse

To follow through, I would like to share to you some common medical cases of pedia clients or patients.


Cold IV Fluids

Today in the ER, I received a client with a bottle of cold 100ml metronidazole.


Updates in nursing is a necessary thing. And by that, the Philippine Board of Nursing put a tinge of change in the classification of subjects in the board examination.

Subjects in Philippine Board Exam


My colleague hit me with a photo from her cousin, a secondary school senior. The photo laid a series of frequently asked questions for an employed nurse.