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Cold IV Fluids

Today in the ER, I received a client with a bottle of cold 100ml metronidazole.


Updates in nursing is a necessary thing. And by that, the Philippine Board of Nursing put a tinge of change in the classification of subjects in the board examination.

Subjects in Philippine Board Exam

To know more about the re- classification of subjects, please read here.

Previous classication is also divided into five parts that contains one hundred (100) questions.

1. Nursing Practice I: Basic Foundation of Nursing and Professional Nursing Practice (100 items)
2. Nursing Practice II: Community Health Nursing and Care of the Mother and Child (100 items)
3. Nursing Practice III: Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations, Part A (100 items)
4. Nursing Practice IV: Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations, Part B (100 items)
5. Nursing Practice V: Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations, Part C (100 items)

And these five parts will test the knowledge, skills and attitude of an examiner on;

1. Fundamentals of Nursing including Professional Adjustment

2. Maternal and Child Health Nursing

3. Community Health and Communicable Disease Nursing

4. Nursing of Adolescents, Adults and Aged

5. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

In my opinion, the recent re- classification of subjects in the Philippine Nursing Board Examination is an excellent move. Subjects are more distinct. Examiners will know what to focus on each subjects. Unlike when I took the board exam before, my focus was shattered especially in parts 3 to 5. 

Thus, thank you for the changes Board of Nursing. 

My colleague hit me with a photo from her cousin, a secondary school senior. The photo laid a series of frequently asked questions for an employed nurse.


Nursing Hacks, Nurse, Travel NurseIn my three years of nursing practice, I have found some helpful nursing hacks. They were those taught my by seniors, and some I found myself accidentally. These nursing hacks helped me get through each procedure, basic or complicated.

Here are the following nursing hacks that might help you as well.

Warm Patient’s Vein

To start an IV line to a difficult patient, it is best to warm up the site. Use a clean washcloth or towel or you can rub your palms gently and put them on the site. Both methods make the veins dilate and pop. (more…)

Many nurses suffers from bullying every day, both vertically and horizontally. Nurses can be bullied by their manager or superior; and/or a colleague. As for a travel nurse, bullying is an intensified problem as she is placed in an otherwise work setting, and mostly seen as a threat to the system.

Travel nurse bullying can be prevented to improve patient safety. I will give with a few tips and facts on how to stop nurse bullying. (more…)

nurse bullyingJust like many nurses in the world, travel nurses come across bullying. It is, however, an intensified one.

Incidence and Prevalence

In the U.S., one in six nurses is bullied in her lifetime. But the exact figures of travel nurse bullying cannot be determined exactly as most shrug the incidents off. There are no documentation or reports given to the administrator, or HR Department.

Newbies in the nursing world say they have experienced bullying from their senior nurses. According to a study, almost 90% of new nurses are at higher risks of bullying. (more…)

dusan-petkovic_shutterstock-com_dentistry-2As a travel nurse, you expect the unexpected especially when one department has staffing issues or if your place of work demands more of that department. True to me experience here in the land full of sands, I was assigned to the Dental Department, a week after I got my hands dirty in the Emergency Department (E.D.). (more…)