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I was sitting on a coffee shop when I heard two nursing students discussing about aneurysm. I smiled as coincidentally I am reviewing my notes on cardiology. I am on aneurysm as well.



Even if you’re 30,000ft above the ground, win a child’s heart. They’ll look for you on ‘injection’ day.

Pedia Nurse

With this situation, am I bound to be in a pediatric nurse?


Blood Transfusion Reaction

It seems only yesterday that I took my intravenous (IV) therapy certificate. Those three days of lecture and a week of conpletion duties taught me how to insert and extract IV catheter. I still remember how a senior coached me on blood transfusion

So at this post I am sharing nursing management of blood transfusion and how to manage when there’s a blood transfusion reaction.


I had the worst diarrhea this morning that I almost miss my flight to the wonderful island of love in the Philippines.

Nurse Managment for Diarrhea


As a student, we sometimes forgot our intravenous (IV) solutions. We were confused of what group they belong and what they were for. So I am giving you a guide of IV solutions.


Today, the Philippines has given a tremendous joy to health care personnels, patients, and advocates of HIV/ AIDs.

The House of Representatives voted unanimously for Philippines HIV and AIDs Policy Act or House Bill 6617. 188 representatives voted Yes, 0 No and 0 Abstain to approve the House Bill.

As posted in the Facebook page of Inquirer, the policy shown below.

Thank you God for this!


December 1 is World HIV- AIDs Day.