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It was All Souls day, backpacking in Negros Island was a spur- of- the- moment thing.


Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nursing SpecialtyAs I am researching for nursing specialties online, I came across travel nursing. It was tweeted by one of the Twitter accounts I’m following. So I thought, why wouldn’t I try this industry? After all, travel nursing is a a special area where nurses practice with the perks of knowing and experiencing the culture of one place.
According to Wikipedia, Travel Nursing is a nursing assignment concept that developed in response to the nursing demand. This field of nursing also enables nurses to practice physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or be a practitioner in speech- language pathology.


Since the era of Florence Nightingale, nursing is known to be a profession dominated by females. However, because of changes in demand and economy, more and more male nurses are joining the wonderful life of nursing.

Below is an infographic showing the difference of a male nurse and a female nurse;

Male Nurse vs. Female Nurse

Source: Carrington College

When I was working with a company as a writer, I was given an evaluation of having a good work ethics.

Nurse Work Ethics, Work Ethics, Good Work EthicsI was working on a couple of difficult tasks for a week (5 days of 8am to 5pm work). Aside from making 10 articles, I had to check and edit 200 blog articles that were listed in the Excel Sheet. Every day I went to work 5 minutes before 8am and head on to the 200-blog-articles task with the goal to reach 100. And at the end of my first day at that week, I finish checking and 54 blog articles and submitted 3 articles. For four days, I completed the tasks. Within the course of these tasks, I only asked for clarifications from our content manager. I didn’t pass the tasks to other writers. I just showed up at work on time with enthusiasm, and at the end, I performed and completed my tasks without complaints. (more…)

“Intravenous therapy is a nursing responsibility.”

Intravenous Therapy Training
As a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, it is mandated by R.A. 7164 (Philippine Nursing Act of 1991) that intravenous therapy is within the scope of nursing. The law also states that special training is required for the administration of intravenous injections and this training shall follow the protocol established. (more…)

The Earth moves around the sun and bring changes to our everyday lives. These changes also turn the nursing profession to different angles or directions. So here is an infographic from showing the future of the nursing profession;

Future of Nursing

“Care of the elderlies is as challenging as calculus.”

Nurses, or even common people, agree that elderlies are among the vital and vulnerable patients or clients in health care. They may be murky or sloggy but they need extra care like newborns and infants from health care professionals. And for that, they became my subject for my first exposure in the nursing world.

Asilo de Molo, Hospice Care Facility, Gerontological NursingBut before I share what have transpired in my first two week duty in a hospice care facility, let me describe first what some of the terms.

Elderlies are those who have passed the middle age and is going to old age. Often they are passed the age of 70 years and has old- age related health imbalances such as dementia, alzheimers and post surgery or MI/Stroke consequences. Because of the contemporary circumstances in the society, families choose to put their elderly in a hospice care facility.

Hospice Care is known as an end of life care where the goal of the care is to help people who are dying have peace, comfort, and dignity according to Medline Plus. Nurses and caregivers are usually the person who render care for them. They try to control pain and other symptoms so a person can remain as alert and comfortable as possible. (more…)