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As nurse working in the city of Al Ahsa, a progressive city in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I have to go around and experience its historical site. So when we’re given a long break from work, me and my colleagues went to visit the famous Judas Cave.



Together with my colleagues, we visited Al Khobar seaside. This was in lieue with the Eid Al Adha commemoration throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our management allowed us to visit Al Khobar. It’s a two and a half ride from Al Hassa, our place of work.


I have been planning of what’s my next step would be if my contract as a travel nurse ends. I spent hours after my shift researching online and jotting on a piece of paper or on my notepad what I’ve found. Then at the end of it all, I’ll disregard what I wrote and went to sleep because I have another day (a year to be exact) to plan.

But what if I don’t have another day to plan what’s my next move in life? Will I just keep my plan, and follow it? Or will I just throw them and take the consequences of no- plan- at- all life? (more…)

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nurse Specialization, Nursing SpecializationA travel nurse enjoys journeying and living to a new place, and meeting new people. She has the perks to experience new things, to grow and learn more about nursing profession, and to find adventure while working in a different place.

But sometimes a travel nurse may find herself stuck in this field. She may feel inadequate or not interested in the said specialty anymore. With these dilemma, she needs some thing.


Summer is a season where love affairs get hot and get caught. And the place where these things happened was in Concepcion, Iloilo in the Philippines.

Tagubanhan Island


There will always be that place where you’ll fall in love. That place where you never thought love could flourish unexpectedly. And that place (well, for me) is the island of Cebu in the Philippines.

Traveling with Cebu Pacific Air


“When you wander, you become happy.”

Happiness is often sought and found when you let you wanderlust hit you. The lust to travel brings you to a place where you become happy. You are brought to the place where you smile and laugh and be contented. But how does your wanderlust and happiness work together?