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Post Op Wound Dressing Nurse Management

I was tasked to do the post- surgery dressing of our vehicular accident (VA) patient.



Nursing Diagnosis Syncope

After giving local anesthesia, our 34 year old female Indian patient fainted and exhibited seizures. What did we do to bring her in normal state?


Tonge Cancer

We got an urgent call from our laboratory about our 26 year old female patient, whom we put for excision of mass in the tongue seven days ago. The medical technologists sent a report revealing carcinoma in the tongue.

How do a nurse manage this situation?


Dental Surgery

I am on my second travel nursing assignment and my nursing directress gave me to the hospital’s oral and maxillo facial surgeon.

I assisted few oral and maxillo facial surgery in my previous travel nursing worksite, and all of them were minor. So when my nursing directress and the surgeon were looking forward to more challenging cases, I looked up and enumerate some of my expectations.


Congestive Heart Failure Nursing Management

With the result of my recent medical check- up, I am grateful to share how does a nurse manages congestive heart failure.


Dinagyang Festival 2018 Opening Salvo

I shouldn’t miss Dinagyang Festival Opening Salvo this year! I missed it three times already. Thanks God my ‘wanderlust’ was on extreme. I was able to grab a flight to Iloilo City from Manila on January 11, 2018.


It was quiet a week in Manila that my heart wall was clouded by inflammation.

Heart Disease