infant diseases, newborn diseases, newborn illnessFollowing my post on newborn vaccines, I would like to share some of the common illnesses experienced by neonates and infants, along with their corresponding nursing management.

There are a number of common newborn diseases, but I will focus on five, which concerns the respiratory and digestive system. Read the rest of this entry »

Newborn Vaccine, immunizationAt 1: 15 a.m., a concerned mother rushed into the emergency department, asking me to check her child’s body. The baby was sleeping on his mother’s arm, slightly warm to touch, and two months old. 36. 3° Celsius came through the thermometer ( via axilla). The mother informed me that her son was given vaccine injection at 2 p.m.  in the afternoon. I informed her that slight elevation in body temperature after 24hours of vaccine injection is a common side effect.

In connection to the situation above, I’d like to share a cheat sheet on newborn vaccines and their side effects. Read the rest of this entry »

Together with my colleagues, we visited Al Khobar seaside. This was in lieue with the Eid Al Adha commemoration throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our management allowed us to visit Al Khobar. It’s a two and a half ride from Al Hassa, our place of work.

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For a day in our primary healthcare setting, we received more than ten patients or clients for wound care. They’re either with post surgery wound or minor laceration or abrasions due to minor home accidents. They came alone or with significant others, who at times annoy your neurons because of fear.

Wound, abrasion, laceration

As a nurse, your priority is to manage the impaired skin integrity promptly. It will be followed by pain management, and emotional needs of patient/ client and his significant other. The nurse’s goal is to ease the healing process and prevent wound complications such as infection. So the following is the step by step process on how to execute wound care according to two different cases. Read the rest of this entry »

I got a chance to assist an oral surgery today. And I’m thrilled to share it’s nursing management.

Frenotomy, Frenectomy

Screenshot from

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I have been planning of what’s my next step would be if my contract as a travel nurse ends. I spent hours after my shift researching online and jotting on a piece of paper or on my notepad what I’ve found. Then at the end of it all, I’ll disregard what I wrote and went to sleep because I have another day (a year to be exact) to plan.

But what if I don’t have another day to plan what’s my next move in life? Will I just keep my plan, and follow it? Or will I just throw them and take the consequences of no- plan- at- all life? Read the rest of this entry »

How do I start a career in travel nursing? Simple. I decided I will.

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nursing, Nursing Career, Nursing SpecialtyThe first step you have to deal when taking a leap in travel nursing is a desire to try. If you are someone who just wish to be inside the walled health institution, without wanting to deal with another kind of tongue, better stay.  If you have a 40 percent desire, I suggest you get another day in the decision process. This will prevent you from having regrets later on. But because you have an adventurous soul like me, you take risks and follow the simple steps towards travel nursing. Read the rest of this entry »