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Not just because of the increasing cases of birth defects in Brazil and more reported cases of Zika virus infection among travelers coming from South America region, I became hyped to share this communicable disease. I was on my communicable disease topic for travellers and was thinking what to share next when the news about Zika hit few weeks ago.

What is Zika virus? How does it affect people, specifically pregnant women? What precautions are necessary to prevent its spread? I have done my recent researched and the following are what I have found; (more…)

When you are planning to visit a place, you’d want to check whether there is a communicable disease or not. You will have a dilemma to gather information on what diseases could affect your travel plans, and what are the necessary precautions you have to do to protect yourself. You will also ask if you have to get a vaccine for this certain disease or if a medication is needed prior to going to the place.  This is just normal, especially when you are a first timer. You wanted to go back as healthy as you left.

Traveler's Disease, Communicable Disease

To help you, I have compiled some diseases affecting travellers along with a brief description. (more…)