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In lieue with our CME course entitled Principles of Emergency Care, I wish to share to you principles of emergency nursing.Emergency nursing is one of the toughest areas a nurse may face or dwell. It is a department that requires your accurate and quick assessment and intervention. Most of the times, emergency nursing accelerates your adrenaline as different varieties of medical and surgical cases come.To ease the worries of nurses in our emergency department, we’re guided by a number of principles. According to are the following.Manage problem or injury with greatest threat to life.A nurse should help ER physician in the assessment and intervention of the most priority problem of the patient. It is essential to manage life threatening problems of the patient first. If the patient complains of chest pain, the nurse should give prescribed oxygen and make an IV line first before doing ECG or Chest X- ray.Treat patients even without detailed history.In the emergency department, manage first the patient before getting medical history. ER nurses take patient information while doing the intervention. Important details such as name, age, past medical history of patient, should be taken even while inserting IV cannula or giving oxygen.Do not wait for final diagnosis to intervene.It is a must to wait for doctors to give us orders on how to treat a patient. But do not wait for ER physician’s final diagnosis when managing an ER patient. ER physicians do not usually have a final diagnosis after they assess a patient. Final diagnosis of a patient, who first came in the ER, is given during admission in the ward or after surgery.These are three principles of emergency nursing care. For more principles, kindly visit