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Intracranial pressure (ICP) is vital to nurses especially when caring for patient with maxillofacial trauma. It alerts the nurse of impending serious complication and to quickly manage and lower it to minimize occurence of complications and eventually help return patient to normal status. So I am sharing to you a photo as a summary for managing increased ICP.

Increased Intracranial Pressure

Cellulitis of the Face

More than five patients came in to our department with facial swelling. They were diagnosed to have cellulitis of the face.

And that should I share with you all.


Our department was on a suture party this week as we were visited by patients with facial lacerations of different depth and sizes. In each patient, the surgeon gave different type of suture. And that’s what I’ll be sharing to you on this post.


In the department I am working right now, we always use artificial bone to patients requiring bone grafting. We utilize bone fragments from animals rather than using patient’s own bone. But not today. We’ll be doing buccal fat pad.

What is buccal fat pad? Why is it use for grafting?