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In my newly found café, my nasal cavity inhales that 2017 is slowly coming to an end. It’d be four days to go.

I took my notebook, and made a list on what I’d wish to accomplish next year.

Avoid Too Much Unnecessary Buys

This year I bought tons of unnecessary items. I paid for them not seeing the consequences of not using them ‘accurately’. I purchased a summer dress that until now I did not wear.

Last January, I splurged myself a white tee that I only wore once. I bought three new denims with the same genre, and just wore two of them. I shopped for the new Adidas Ultraboost, hoping that I’d use it on my morning run in our village. Since I arrived home, I did not accomplish running around the village. I will keep these unnecessary items to be reminded that I will only buy important things.

Learn More and Train Harder

My past job stuck me in an area. It put me in a department where I did not practice my nursing profession thoroughly. I was binded by handing instruments of a dentist, and inserting intravenous fluids. So in the coming year, I look forward in joining an institution that would challenge me and my capabilities.

I am excited to be pacing around the ward with new skills to learn. I would also like to be trained and mentored by a motivating senior.

For 2018, I am preparing to enroll in a class to enhance my nursing skills. It’d be either on emergency nursing or oncology or pediatric nursing.

Keep Priorities On

At this point of my life, my priority is having a house and lot. I purchased one with a little help from my thoughtful aunt. I am now left with paying the monthly amortization. I keep tabs on this for the coming year.

House mortgage is a pain in the ass. It’d eat my salary. It would mean maximum sacrifice. But I should not keep this off. I already made this my motivation for 2018 and the coming year.

Stick to a Side Hustle

I dropped my writing and online marketing skills two years ago. I focused on being a nurse. And I felt a hole on my heart.

Before 2017 ends, I searched for any online marketing part- time jobs, hoping I’d find one by the first month of 2018. When I’d have a side hustle, I’d stick to it and nourish it like what I did years ago to give myself a feeling of great joy.

My caramel macchiato is gone cold now. Happy New Year in advance, folks!

Every year, we want something new. That is why we had new year’s resolutions. These resolutions may be more than two, large or small, as long as we have them.

Randomness of Life

Randomness of Life

Every year,  we also pick the right addition to our closet. As for me, I picked an animal-printed scarf from my aunt’s vintage closet as well. It was sort of a gift from her last Christmas. She gave it me since, I have been yearning for her to give it to me. To spice this scarf, I am thinking to buy an emerald summer dress I found at a boutique in the City of Love, Philippines. (more…)