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Nursing follows or is based on different laws. One of them is Murphy’s Law.

It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?

How do I start a career in travel nursing? Simple. I decided I will.

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nursing, Nursing Career, Nursing SpecialtyThe first step you have to deal when taking a leap in travel nursing is a desire to try. If you are someone who just wish to be inside the walled health institution, without wanting to deal with another kind of tongue, better stay.  If you have a 40 percent desire, I suggest you get another day in the decision process. This will prevent you from having regrets later on. But because you have an adventurous soul like me, you take risks and follow the simple steps towards travel nursing. (more…)

It’s been almost a year since I fly out my home country for my travel nursing assignment abroad. The months that passed proved some things about being a travel nurse. It’s been serving me a number of benefits.

It’s been a tedious shift that I wanted to share an informative photo summarizing the things our college professors didn’t taught. Take note of the last part, by the way.


Since the era of Florence Nightingale, nursing is known to be a profession dominated by females. However, because of changes in demand and economy, more and more male nurses are joining the wonderful life of nursing.

Below is an infographic showing the difference of a male nurse and a female nurse;

Male Nurse vs. Female Nurse

Source: Carrington College

The Earth moves around the sun and bring changes to our everyday lives. These changes also turn the nursing profession to different angles or directions. So here is an infographic from showing the future of the nursing profession;

Future of Nursing