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“Keeping my professional identity with a valid Identification Card.”

Just like any other Registered Nurse of the Philippines, embracing the professional world starts with a professional identification card. I got my professional ID from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) – Iloilo Branch last July 3, 2013. My ID was long overdue. I passed the nurse licensure examination last June 2012, and I applied for my ID on September 9, 2012. If I would count the months, days, and hours, my wait would show as 9months, 22days, and 13hours. I would not utter another word for my disgust on the  PRC system as it would flourish for a long and controversial story. Just to fill your curiosity, the story of how I got my professional ID was a little bit disgusting yet fulfilling. I took the queuing moments, the ‘here-and-there’, the ‘pointing of fingers’ and the ‘appointment with the PRC-Iloilo’s secretary’.  And it all ends with me holding my professional ID.

PRC Identification Card of Nurses



“A positive morning would decline if not taken strategically.”

I am a positive person who takes everything with strategies and organization, so Mondays won’t bother me. That was what I thought.

As the day progress, I hit a number of things which I thought was planned accordingly. I got my licensed identification card, met a couple of friends, and even had a meeting with a company. They all went through well, but between the lines, there were negative vibes lurking in.


A Handsome Nurse A Day Keeps My Worries Away???

George Clooney as ER Nurse

George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross in ER

If the emergency room nurse is as handsome as Dr. Doug Ross, any female patient will be cured immediately. But being handsome is not a requirement to be a nurse in any setting. (more…)

Disclaimer: This post is my observation on my experience at a Philippine Government Hospital. I don’t intend to make any fuss on the health care agency of the Philippines. I just wanted to share what I have experience in an honest to goodness reality. After all, this blog is all about my love, fashion and life experiences and adventure.

“As a nurse, I am always called to render my service to anyone, especially to my family.”

Filipino NurseLast March 16, 2013, while working on my post about the casual weekend and PBA game, we received a call from my cousin informing us that her mother will be going to the hospital. She had attacks of chest pain the whole Saturday, and the pain worsened by 6pm. Here is my Nurse’s documentation of the event: (more…)

As a blogger by interest, it is not my attitude to leave my profession.

In fact, I am just waiting for the right time and right opportunity for it to happen.

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