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Reporting a Patient

Posted: April 12, 2019 in Nurse
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Nurses are responsible to render a report of their patient. We are usually asked for patient’s basic details, diagnosis, plan of care done and what to be done. We give detailed report during end- of- shift endorsement or when asked by physicians and head nurses.

Reporting usually happened in the ward. A nurse from the Emergency Department (ED) or Out- Patient Department (OPD) will give the patient’s details, diagnosis and plan of care along with other confidential details to receiving nurse in the ward or intensive care unit. If the patient if for surgery or have a planned procedure in the operating theater (OT) , the ward nurse will render his/ her patient report to the OT nurse. Post- Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurse will also get a report from OT nurse after surgery is done to the patient, which is essential for care during recovery of patient. The ward nurse will receive post- operative report which contains new orders of medication and plan of care from PACU Nurse after the patient has regained consciousness from anesthesia.

How should an end- of- shift be done properly by a nurse?