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Many nurses suffers from bullying every day, both vertically and horizontally. Nurses can be bullied by their manager or superior; and/or a colleague. As for a travel nurse, bullying is an intensified problem as she is placed in an otherwise work setting, and mostly seen as a threat to the system.

Travel nurse bullying can be prevented to improve patient safety. I will give with a few tips and facts on how to stop nurse bullying. (more…)

nurse bullyingJust like many nurses in the world, travel nurses come across bullying. It is, however, an intensified one.

Incidence and Prevalence

In the U.S., one in six nurses is bullied in her lifetime. But the exact figures of travel nurse bullying cannot be determined exactly as most shrug the incidents off. There are no documentation or reports given to the administrator, or HR Department.

Newbies in the nursing world say they have experienced bullying from their senior nurses. According to a study, almost 90% of new nurses are at higher risks of bullying. (more…)

Travel NurseTravel nurses enjoy a number of benefits from their job, but these perks are also accompanied by frustrating things. So in this post, which took me months to post, I will share to you some of upsetting things a travel nurse encounters. (more…)

How do I start a career in travel nursing? Simple. I decided I will.

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nursing, Nursing Career, Nursing SpecialtyThe first step you have to deal when taking a leap in travel nursing is a desire to try. If you are someone who just wish to be inside the walled health institution, without wanting to deal with another kind of tongue, better stay.  If you have a 40 percent desire, I suggest you get another day in the decision process. This will prevent you from having regrets later on. But because you have an adventurous soul like me, you take risks and follow the simple steps towards travel nursing. (more…)


Travel nursing is not always about luxurious vacation with pay. Nurses in this field suffer a number of difficult situations and/or circumstances. At times, big compensation and pros of travels undermine the demands of taking the role of a regular nurse. So now, I am sharing at least four hazards face by travel nurses.


It’s been almost a year since I fly out my home country for my travel nursing assignment abroad. The months that passed proved some things about being a travel nurse. It’s been serving me a number of benefits.

When you are planning to visit a place, you’d want to check whether there is a communicable disease or not. You will have a dilemma to gather information on what diseases could affect your travel plans, and what are the necessary precautions you have to do to protect yourself. You will also ask if you have to get a vaccine for this certain disease or if a medication is needed prior to going to the place.  This is just normal, especially when you are a first timer. You wanted to go back as healthy as you left.

Traveler's Disease, Communicable Disease

To help you, I have compiled some diseases affecting travellers along with a brief description. (more…)

​It’s my first major travel nursing assignment. I can’t believe I did pursue this branch of nursing. And it is more exciting since I chose to give my hands to the people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2015-11-24 07.29.53

Outside the 12th floor of Al- Moosa Hospital.


Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nurse Specialization, Nursing SpecializationA travel nurse enjoys journeying and living to a new place, and meeting new people. She has the perks to experience new things, to grow and learn more about nursing profession, and to find adventure while working in a different place.

But sometimes a travel nurse may find herself stuck in this field. She may feel inadequate or not interested in the said specialty anymore. With these dilemma, she needs some thing.


Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nursing SpecialtyAs I am researching for nursing specialties online, I came across travel nursing. It was tweeted by one of the Twitter accounts I’m following. So I thought, why wouldn’t I try this industry? After all, travel nursing is a a special area where nurses practice with the perks of knowing and experiencing the culture of one place.
According to Wikipedia, Travel Nursing is a nursing assignment concept that developed in response to the nursing demand. This field of nursing also enables nurses to practice physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or be a practitioner in speech- language pathology.