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City of Pines Philippines

And suddenly, I was embracing the cold weather of Baguio City in the Philippines. I thought I was dreaming, but I was not. I am in the City of Pines following an emergence of sudden and unplanned idea.



I have been planning of what’s my next step would be if my contract as a travel nurse ends. I spent hours after my shift researching online and jotting on a piece of paper or on my notepad what I’ve found. Then at the end of it all, I’ll disregard what I wrote and went to sleep because I have another day (a year to be exact) to plan.

But what if I don’t have another day to plan what’s my next move in life? Will I just keep my plan, and follow it? Or will I just throw them and take the consequences of no- plan- at- all life? (more…)

When you are planning to visit a place, you’d want to check whether there is a communicable disease or not. You will have a dilemma to gather information on what diseases could affect your travel plans, and what are the necessary precautions you have to do to protect yourself. You will also ask if you have to get a vaccine for this certain disease or if a medication is needed prior to going to the place.  This is just normal, especially when you are a first timer. You wanted to go back as healthy as you left.

Traveler's Disease, Communicable Disease

To help you, I have compiled some diseases affecting travellers along with a brief description. (more…)

There will always be that place where you’ll fall in love. That place where you never thought love could flourish unexpectedly. And that place (well, for me) is the island of Cebu in the Philippines.

Traveling with Cebu Pacific Air


“When you wander, you become happy.”

Happiness is often sought and found when you let you wanderlust hit you. The lust to travel brings you to a place where you become happy. You are brought to the place where you smile and laugh and be contented. But how does your wanderlust and happiness work together?

“Asia is a continent to be explored.”

Bucket List of Asia

“Humans have secrets worth keeping in a pleasure place.”

My secretive brain cells are dying to wander again. They are all screaming, ‘Hey, you should stop sitting and facing your square-headed boyfriend, ASAP! You have to check these places to treat your soul for a lustful comfort!” And so I googled some of the places where there are few people (since I have this awkward ‘social phobia’).

Travel at Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile

Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile, Egypt