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“When you wander, you become happy.”

Happiness is often sought and found when you let you wanderlust hit you. The lust to travel brings you to a place where you become happy. You are brought to the place where you smile and laugh and be contented. But how does your wanderlust and happiness work together?

“Summer is the most colorful season.”

Isla de Gigantes

The colors of summer are always fun and vibrant for everyone. They make us realize that after that rainy and snowy days, we will always have a bright sunny day. They’re bringing smiles and laughters that no one can steal. So, to present our way of showcasing the colors of summer, we headed to the beautiful group of island in Carles, Iloilo, Philippines. It’s called Isla de Gigantes group of islands.

“Unlocking the mystery of an island is a great experience.”

The negativity of rain woke us on the day when we decided to visit Gigantes Island in Carles, Iloilo. It was Saturday in Sicogon island, and we were told that no boat would take us to the neighboring island because the people were going to attend the Saturday mass. Saturday was a holy day for them, so we have a 10-90 chance of going to Gigantes.

Fashion Breakers at Isla de Higantes