Intracranial pressure (ICP) is vital to nurses especially when caring for patient with maxillofacial trauma. It alerts the nurse of impending serious complication and to quickly manage and lower it to minimize occurence of complications and eventually help return patient to normal status. So I am sharing to you a photo as a summary for managing increased ICP.

Increased Intracranial Pressure


A call from our intensive care unit (ICU) prompted us to manipulate properly the remaining four hours of our shift. We had a facial fracture.

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Cellulitis of the Face

More than five patients came in to our department with facial swelling. They were diagnosed to have cellulitis of the face.

And that should I share with you all.

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Mandibular Tori

It was a fine day in our departmment when a middle- aged female patient of Arabian descent came in. She conplained of a growing hard mass in the left side of her mandible, near her premolars and under her tongue. Upon examination of the surgeon, it was seen to be lingually placed and measures to about 1.5cm to 2cm in diameter. The surgeon informed the patient that she has a mandibular tori.

What is mandibular tori? Is it considered cancer? What is the management of mandibular tori?

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It’s been two weeks since I shared what I’m doing to communicate with my multicultural colleagues and patients. I am late for this and I’m not sorry (wink).

Today I’ll share a few mobile apps that will help you ace your goal to learn a new language.

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Learning Korean

I’m a travel nurse, and learning how to speak (and write) a different language is an advantage of it. It builds rapport to patients. I gained their trust especially when I relayed to them the importance of the procedure that’d be done to them. For my three years here in Saudi Arabia, I learned to speak Arabic and I was commended by my superiors and colleagues for it.

How did I learn a new language as a travel nurse? How did I understand and speak a new language given my ‘toxic run’ with patients?

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Every nurse must know and understand Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) as each of us is dealing with God’s precious gift called life.

What is ACLS? Why is it needed by nurses?

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