I have been planning of what’s my next step would be if my contract as a travel nurse ends. I spent hours after my shift researching online and jotting on a piece of paper or on my notepad what I’ve found. Then at the end of it all, I’ll disregard what I wrote and went to sleep because I have another day (a year to be exact) to plan.

But what if I don’t have another day to plan what’s my next move in life? Will I just keep my plan, and follow it? Or will I just throw them and take the consequences of no- plan- at- all life?

They say, when you wish to step another ladder for your career,you need to weigh on what is/ are esential and what you love to do. I love being a nurse, and I always yearn to explore a new place. So at the moment, I am thinking of lending my hands to a city in a Southeast Asian country like Thailand. I have been wanting to go to a place for a week or a month with a purpose. I just don’t want to visit a landmark without giving something to it. It’s like my heart and soul wish to impart something to anything that have given them gifts of wonder. 

Plan number two is disregarding plan number one. When my contract ends one year from now, I let the wind do its course and see where it will take me. It’s a better idea. But is it?

Oh, God help me.

Dear The NurseWanderer, 

You did not know how the game started exactly. But you knew you are in a game called ‘I Don’t Care You, I Care My Sh*t’. And honey, it’s been your game since 2012. You will shut down yourself from everything, and everyone. You will not answer any communication from anyone even if it’s an emergency case. It’s like you ‘re repressing your humanity.

If you want to be in that game, I won’t give a sermon, so let’s talk about the now.

For more than a week, your Facebook account is not active. Week before you decided to abstain from FB, you deleted your posts from the first six months of 2016. They did not have more likes and boring were your reasons. Your last message thru Messenger was with your sister, telling her about the dried she should deliver to your friend’s mom. You hit ‘Unfollow’ to all your friends so their posts won’t appear on your timeline. Why did all these? Because you just want to?

Two weeks ago, in the flat where you live with your colleagues/ friend, you activated the game. You are not talking to old LadyBug, who was an obsolete dumb bitch; and to your so called UglyBitch friend. LadyBug sold you to be a nanny. I know it’s againts your views but maybe she just wany to help. Or she’s just being old and foggy again so I know you disregard her existence when you see her. Then about your UglyBitch friend. She is your friend, or should I use ‘was’? You shut your mouth after she walked out on you, and you were dismayed by her attitude. I know you were pissed  when you mouthed honest words about her love affair. Who wouldn’t be disgusted to talk to someone who’s busy scribbling on her iPhone while you’re being a true friend?

Six days ago, you heard great words from UglyBitch friend of yours just after taking a bath. I know you wanted to throw that shampoo bottle you were holding, however you refrain from doing so because you are a betch. You went to the bedroom, contemplated your friendship, and decided to move out. You unfriended her in Snapchat, muted her in Twitter, and of course you’re on Facebook abstinence day after. You continued your cold war in the workplace. You dismissed her presence. She’s like an allergen that you put a shield on, avoided the area where she’s at. You heard stories about her attitude from other colleagues, and you refused to deal with their words. She got her shit, you got yours, and you chose to deal with yours.

Today, you decided to write yourself because your mind is in the shore trying to figure out what make you played the game again. So I am hoping by the end of this post, you found what you were seeking. 


How do I start a career in travel nursing? Simple. I decided I will.

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nursing, Nursing Career, Nursing SpecialtyThe first step you have to deal when taking a leap in travel nursing is a desire to try. If you are someone who just wish to be inside the walled health institution, without wanting to deal with another kind of tongue, better stay.  If you have a 40 percent desire, I suggest you get another day in the decision process. This will prevent you from having regrets later on. But because you have an adventurous soul like me, you take risks and follow the simple steps towards travel nursing. Read the rest of this entry »


Travel nursing is not always about luxurious vacation with pay. Nurses in this field suffer a number of difficult situations and/or circumstances. At times, big compensation and pros of travels undermine the demands of taking the role of a regular nurse. So now, I am sharing at least four hazards face by travel nurses.

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It’s been almost a year since I fly out my home country for my travel nursing assignment abroad. The months that passed proved some things about being a travel nurse. It’s been serving me a number of benefits.
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It’s been a tedious shift that I wanted to share an informative photo summarizing the things our college professors didn’t taught. Take note of the last part, by the way.


Nurses are expected to have a discussion on certain health case, may it be about the case of a previous patient or the current health trends. This discussion or lecture is done regularly for the nurses to remind them of the what is, what are not, and what will be of health care. Usually the discussion is done by the head nurse and/or nurse supervisor. At some points, doctors can do the lecture for the nurses, and will be followed by an interactive discussion.
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